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Closing Remarks by Shri Montek Singh Ahluwalia, Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission at 3rd SED

Your Excellency Chairman Xu Shaoshi of the National Development & Reform Commission of China (NDRC),

Your excellencies, Ministers of the People’s Republic of China,

Members of the Chinese & Indian delegations,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

            We have had a very productive exchange of ideas in today’s discussion on how to move forward on the various pillars of cooperation that we have been working on under the Strategic Economic Dialogue (SED) Framework. I am particularly encouraged by the progress that we have made in identifying collaborative arrangements for cooperation in railways. In the coming months we should work towards establishing concrete modalities for cooperation in heavy haul railway freight, raising train speeds on existing routes, and also railway station redevelopment.

            We have had very useful exchange on energy and in fact have this year taken on energy planning as a focus of joint studies. Excellency, I suggest we include a ‘Long Term Energy Management’ as part of the Working Group on Policy Coordination. As I had outlined earlier, the Planning Commission of India has recently published, for public comment, a document called Alternative Energy Scenarios, which simulates energy paths upto 2047 based on alternative assumptions about energy use in different sectors. I invite NDRC to comment on the assumptions we have made, and perhaps share with us NDRC’s own assumptions about what is possible in China. An exchange of views could benefit both sides in tackling the common task of devising strategies for meeting our energy needs in a manner consistent with sustainable development.

            In closing, Excellency, it is a matter of great satisfaction that we are transitioning to a next phase of the Dialogue in generating and executing projects under the different areas of cooperation that were agreed when we started this Dialogue. These efforts will help to deepen and expand our economic engagement. 

            As the outcomes of today’s 3rd SED, we have signed 2 MoUs and 2 Action Plans. Very importantly, we have also encouraged regular interaction between our officials and firms. I am delighted that the corporate sector is well represented in our meetings. This habit of meeting together, and developing increasing comfort, will ensure the forward momentum of this Dialogue.

We have also agreed that a task force will be established to enable investment by Chinese companies in industries and industrial zones in India.

            Ultimately, this Dialogue will be judged by the extent to which it generates knowledge about best practices and possible technology transfer, and improve information exchange, all of which should expand commercial and investment opportunities for companies and businesses on both sides.

            Excellency, my hope is that ultimately, our joint efforts contribute to a web of economic, trade, investment and people- to-people linkages that serve as the bedrock of expanded and mutually beneficial partnership between India and China.

            India looks forward to hosting the 4th SED in 2015. We look forward to hosting you Chairman Xu and your delegation in India. Till then, let me assure you that we will continue to work towards achieving the major goals that we have set in this round.

            Finally, I must also take this opportunity to thank you and your able team for excellent organization of the 3rd Round of SED and for your very warm hospitality extended to my delegation here in Beijing. Thank you once again!