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Opening ceremony: The Eye and the Mind: New Interventions in Contemporary India Art

Embassy of India



Sub: “The Eye and the Mind: New Interventions in Contemporary India Art”



Embassy of India, Beijing with the support of the Ministry of Culture, Government of India and National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA), New Delhi and in association with the Beijing Minsheng Art Museum is organizing an Indian Art Exhibition titled  “The Eye and the Mind: New Interventions in Contemporary India Art” from 23 October to 21 December 2015. 


The opening ceremony of the exhibition will be held at 1530 hrs on 23rd October 2015, at the Beijing Minsheng Art Museum, Universal Creative Park C7, No. 9 Jiuxianqiao North road, Chaoyang district, Beijing.  The exhibition is presenting the works of art drawn largely from the collection of NGMA, New Delhi and includes 39 works of art (including paintings, sculptures, installations, drawings,photographs, prints and new media works) by well-known Indian artistes suchas Atul Bhalla, Baiju Parthan, Anju Dodiya, G.R Iranna among others. 

          Contemporary Indian art is now an essential part of the global art movement,engaging with international art on its own terms.Art in India as across the word has undergone myriad changes that has eventually culminated into what we see today, a unique amalgam of sensibilities from the West as well as from across Asia.  Through the exhibition, an attempt has been made bring to China representative works of art of an experimental genre, while also analysing their deep rooted ethos. This exhibition outlines the evolution of art in Indian context with a strong aesthetic tradition which is reinterpreted through various ages with intervening influence, but yet has always been rooted in tradition. The exhibition includes thought-provoking and cutting edgeworks of well known Indian artists and is a treasure to trove to the unfamiliar and unexpected.