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Press Release for International Day of Yoga celebrations by Embassy of India, Beijing

Press Release- 2nd International Day of Yoga Organized

Embassy of India, Beijing organized  a flagship event at the landmark location of  Chaoyang Park to mark the celebration of the 2nd International Day of Yoga today. The event was organized in collaboration with Yogi Yoga (China), a prominent yoga institute in Beijing . Addressing the gathering of more than 600 Chinese yoga practitioners,  Charge d’ Affaires, Embassy of India Dr. B. Bala Bhaskar emphasized the relevance of yoga in today’s world where rapid urbanization has created tremendous pressure on daily life of the people. Many people are increasingly turning to Yoga to help tackle this stress and there is a lot of interest in China to collaborate with Yoga experts from India. Embassy of India, Beijing is doing its utmost to support this. Dr. Bala Bhaskar read out excerpts from the Prime Ministers message on the occasion of the 2nd International Day of Yoga and said: 'Yoga is much more than a physical exercise – it enables us to access a new dimension of the self, even while providing a holistic approach to preventive healthcare and wellbeing. '

Famous Chinese painter and Director of Chinese Painting Association, Mr. Gong Jianxin also participated in the event and addressed the audience.

Five Indian yoga teachers led the mass yoga practice with the serene background music of Gayatri Mantra playing. The audience was also treated to a spellbinding flute performance by Mr. Ravindranath Vempati. Other than the mass yoga demonstration, a whole day's programme of yoga workshops, Indian food, dance and music and sale of Indian clothes and accessories has been organized as part of the International Yoga Day celebrations at Chaoyang Park.

A second  event to mark the 2nd International Day of Yoga was organized in the Old Chancery premises of the Embassy at No. 1 Ritan Lu, Beijing. The event was organized in coordination with P.V. Yoga, another prominent yoga institute in Beijing. Speaking on the occasion, Charge d’ Affaires, Embassy of India Dr. B. Bala Bhaskar emphasized that Yoga is not mere physical exercise, but is the development of a new holistic  perspective to wellbeing and leading a balanced life. More than 700 yoga practitioners participated in the mass yoga demonstration as per the Common Yoga Protocol. Officials of the Embassy of India and their families also took part in this event. Advanced Yoga performance by a group of yoga masters, flute performance by Mr. Ravindranath Vempati and the chanting of slokas were  the other important components of this event.