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Press Release: Lecture by Mrs Shobana Radhakrishnan at Indian Embassy to mark International Day of Non-Violence

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Press Release

Lecture by Mrs. Shobhana Radhakrishna tomark ‘International day of

Non-violence’ at Embassy Auditorium 14th October 2016


In continuation of events organized bythe Embassy of India, Beijing to celebrate the 147th birthanniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the Embassy today organized a lecture at theembassy auditorium to mark the International Day of Non-violence 2016.The lecture was delivered by Mrs. Shobhana Radhakrishna, Chief Functionary,Gandhian Forum for Ethical Corporate Governance, New Delhi.

            Mrs. Shobhana Radhakrishna is thefounder of Gandhian Forum for Ethical Corporate Governance. She has deliveredseveral lectures spreading Mahatma Gandhi’s ideology of universal peace,non-violence, humanism and leadership for the past three decades in India andabroad. In 2014 she delivered the key note address on Gandhian Ideology on NelsonMandela day and at the Tolstoy farm in Johannesburg, South Africa tocommemorate the 100th year of return of Mahatma Gandhi from the shoresof South Africa. She has delivered several such lectures in universities andother institutions in Japan, Thailand, Sri Lanka and other countries.

            In her speech, Mrs. Radhakrishnastated that though Mahatma Gandhi never visited China, Gandhiji’s non-violentmovement has influenced many Chinese people over the years. As far back as1906, around 1000 Chinese supporters joined Indians to take part in Gandhi’sfirst peaceful protest in Transvaal province, South Africa against a law that barredAsians from owning property. She noted that Mahatma Gandhi’s autobiography ‘Myexperiments with Truth’ is being translated into Chinese by the academics from SunYat-Sen University in Guangzhou, and that more than 50 books on Gandhi had beenpublished in China since 1980.

            Mrs. Radhakrishna emphasized that mahatmaGandhi’s ideology of non-violence and peace are positive forces through whichthe human race can move away from darkness towards light. The Mahatma’s thoughtsremain relevant in today’s world and his life is worth revisiting 147 yearsafter he was born.

            Over 80 Chinese students fromuniversities in and around Beijing attended the lecture in addition to membersof the Mission and the Indian Community.