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GDP(constant market prices) in 2014-15: Rs. 10656925  crore( Est.)

Per Capita Income (constantprices 2011-12) in 2014-15: Rs.88533 crore (Est.)

Per Capita Income (currentprices) in 2014-15: Rs.74,193 (Est.)

GAV composition by sectorduring 2014-15 (2011-12): Services 49.6%, Agriculture 18.7%, and Industry 31.7%

Forex Reserves: US$328.7 billion (for the end of Jan,2015)

Exports:US $ 310533.87 (April-March,2014-2015) 

Imports: US$ 447548.33 million (April- March 2014-15)

Cumulative FDI Inflows: US$350.9 Billion (April 2000 to November 2014)

Top Investing Countries: Mauritius,Singapore, U.K, Japan, Netherlands, U.S.A, Cyprus, Germany, France and Switzerland. 

Top Sectors Attractinghighest FDI inflows: Services, Construction, Telecommunication, computer Software and Hardware,Drugs and Pharmaceuticals, Automobile industry, chemicals and power.