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                                      i.     Refer link-

                                     ii.     Click/select  option “Registration of Birth child under section 4(1)  - last option

                                   iii.     Fill ONLINE application

                                   iv.     Upload the documents ( birth certificate, marriage certificate, passport s of the parent s, photograph &signature  or any other documents as per instruction)

                                    v.     Birth Certificate and Marriage certificate, if Chinese, must be notarised/ authenticated by MFA, China. For Indian marriage certificate, it should be notarised by MEA, Patiala House New Delhi or respective FRRO in the state for its authentication.

                                   vi.     Submit the application and take two copies of the application after its submission ( a ref No will be allotted ONLINE)

                                 vii.     Visit the Embassy with all the original documents (passports of the parents, notarised Birth & Marriage certificate, above downloaded ONLINE Forms) with a proof of residence along with a copy of each.

                                viii.     Submit the application along with requisite fee (RMB 188/-)

                                   ix.     Indian Birth certificate will be issued after necessary formalities.

                                    x.     All original documents (including passport) are to be submitted for verification and returned


                                  i.     Registered of Birth as Indian citizen (refer MHA website –Registration of Birth )

                                ii.     Copy of Indian Birth Certificate issued by the Embassy of India

                               iii.     Copy of Notarised Birth Certificate  and  with original  

                              iv.     Copy of passport (s)  of both the parent s with valid visa 

                                v.     Declaration by the parent  as per Annexure-H

                              vi.     Applicant should have Resident Permit (VISA) to stay under the consular jurisdiction of EOI, Beijing.

                             vii.     Address proof of  staying in consular jurisdiction of Beijing

                           viii.     Photographs-3 (preferable white background)

                              ix.     Fee- RMB 337  (validity 5 years only)

                                x.     Collection of fee, Time- 0830 to 1030 hrs & Delivery- 4 to 5 PM on any working days

                              xi.     All original documents (including passport) are to be submitted for verification and returned