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1.   Report to nearest Police station and lodge a FIR

2.   Keep a copy of FIR. Deposit the original FIR at nearest EXIT & Entry Bureau and collect a certificate of loss of passport from the Bureau.

3.   Copy of FIR

4.   Original certificate of EXIT& ENTRY Bureau regarding loss of Passport.

5.   Dully filled form EAP-I

6.   Copy of 1st, last& valid visa page of the passport

7.   Employer /University  authority letter  mentioning  the loss of passport no and place of residence.

8.   Applicant should have Resident Permit (VISA) to stay under the consular jurisdiction of EOI, Beijing.

9.    Photographs-3 (preferable white background)

10.  Fee - RMB 974/- (Normal)  - No Jumbo passport will be issued .

11.  Time- 0830 to 1030 hrs &Delivery- 4 to 5 PM on any working days

12. All original documents (including passport)  are to be submitted for verification and returned.