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1.   Eligibility- Any Indian national, who has lost/damage  his/her passport and not eligible for issue of new passport at the mission.

2.   Report to nearest Police station and lodge a FIR

3.   Keep a copy of FIR. Deposit the original FIR at nearest EXIT & Entry Bureau and collect a certificate of loss of passport from the Bureau.

4.   Copy of FIR

5.   Original certificate of EXIT& ENTRY Bureau regarding loss of Passport.

6.   Copy of return Air ticket to nearest  Indian Airport

7.   Dully filled form EA(P)4

8.   Copy of 1st, last& valid visa page

9.   Any photo ID card proof

10. Photographs-2 (preferable white background)

11. Fee - RMB 114/-   .

12. Collection of fee, Time- 0830 to 1030 hrs & Delivery- 4 to 5 PM on any working days

13. All original documents (including passport) are to be submitted for  verification and returned.