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Title: Ambassador's Speech on the event of Gandhi Jayanthi
Date: 10/02/2014

Mr. Yuan Xikun,Member of CPPCC,Curator Beijing Jintai Art Museum

Ms. RuoHua, Director Jintai Art Museum

Dear children, colleagues,and friends,


Today is the 145th birth anniversary of MahatmaGandhi, Father of our Nation. Today is also the International Day ofNon-Violence, a philosophy that was dear to Mahatma Gandhi.

Mahatma Gandhi was India’s leader in itsfreedom struggle, but he was also one of the tallest and most loved leaders inthe community of nations. Dedicating his life for freedom from colonial bondageand for social and communal harmony, he is in present times a guiding beacon forthe people of the whole world.  

The message of tolerance, truth, non-violence,self-reliance and respect of all communities that he left with us, all have globalpermanence; these are principles and values that transcend and unite humankind.It is for this reason that the United Nations declared October 2nd asInternational Day of Non-Violence to commemorate the legacy of Gandhi.

Friends,recently, we had a successful visit byPresident Xi Jinping to India. One of the highlights of the visit was PresidentXi’s visit, accompanied by Prime Minister Modi, to the Sabarmati Ashram inGujarat where Gandhi lived andpractised his philosophy of non-violence. PrimeMinister Modi personally explained to President Xi the significance of theAshram from where Gandhi propagated his message to the world. 

As President Xi said in India, Gandhi’steachings have stood the test of time and possess eternal relevance. I amcertain that the ideals and teachings, which Gandhi so firmly stood for, willcontinue to be passed on from generation to generation, and from nation tonation and shall keep us bound together.

Today is also that occasion where we must renewour commitment to building the ideal society he had dreamt of. India isembarking on a new campaign called Swachh Bharat or Clean India Mission which aims at tackling pollution, wastemanagement and sanitary issues. All Indians today would pledge to keep theirenvironment and surroundings hygienic and clean. 

I join you all in paying our deepest respectsto Gandhi – the great leader, great philosopher and most of all, a great humanbeing.  In conclusion, let me reiterate that Gandhi and hislife,which was itself the most powerful message he could give, his ideals, hisprecepts, his methods, are a fount of wisdom, of living truth which willcontinue to enrich us for a very long time to come. Thank you.

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